TV411 VHS Tapes

TV411 VHS Tapes Available for Sale!!

I've listed the titles and topics on each tape. They are in Like New Condition. They are in original clamshell case. These are the titles I have available now. More will be coming. Thank you for being patient! Scroll down for pictures.
Please contact me for more details if you are interested in purchasing. 

#10: Question Man: Subject-Verb Agreement; Rip Off: Read the fine print; Pop Quiz: How Many zeros are in one million?; Lifelines: Family Budget; Street Beat: Saving Money; Buzzword: Advocacy; America's Smartest Moves: Credit Card Offer; Book Club: Working.
#11: Question Man: Test Taking; Agent Know How: Atlas; Pop Quiz: How many feet are in a mile? Milestones: Hilda Armendariz; America's Smartest Moves: Leases; Buzzword: Habitable; Words Behind the Music: Ruben Blades.
#12: Question Man: Choosing a Dictionary; Dictionary Cinema: Word Meaning; Pop Quiz: How many gallons of blood are in your body? Lifelines: Choosing a School for Your Child; Buzzword: Standardize; Laverne: Greeting Cards; Words Behind the Music: Hazel Dickens.
#13: Question Man: The Library; Word Up: Metaphors and Similes; Pop Quiz: What is the Prime Interest Rate?; Milestones: Resonja Willoughby; Buzzword: Indignant; Laverne: Credit Card Application; Lifelines: Applications; Street Beat: Filling Out Forms; Sports Smarts: Percentages and Fractions.
#14: Lifelines: Writing a Letter; Dictionary Cinema: Foreign Words; Pop Quiz: What language does the word hammock come from?; Milestones: Enrique Ramirez; Buzzword: Reconcile; Street Beat: Using a highlighter when you read; Sports Smarts: Reading a Map.
#15: Question Man: Picking a book; Pop Quiz: Which home appliance consumes the most electricity?; Laverne: Using a glossary; Street Beat: How to figure out a tip in a restaurant; Lifelines: Making a schedule; Write Now: Journaling; Buzzword: Stereotype.
#16: Question Man: Rent-to-own; Pop Quiz: What is the average balance Americans carry on their credit cards?; Sports Smarts: Time Management; Street Beat: NYPD Blue's Dennis Franz gives up on reading a newspaper article; Laverne: Estimating a Job; Words Behind the Music: Toshi Reagon; Buzzword: Analogy.
#17: Lifelines: Buying a House; Pop Quiz: What percentage of American do some type of volunteer work?; Dictionary Cinema: Using a Thesaurus; Question Man: Reading a Utility Bill; Street Beat: Evaluating a campaign poster; Buzzword: Anomaly; Milestones: The Freedom Writers.

 photo TV411 11_zpsfckoenli.jpg
TV411 VHS Tape
TV411 VHS #11 photo TV411 3_zpsp8zyibxp.jpg
TV411 VHS Tape
TV411 VHS #12 photo TV411 9_zpsxzq79djv.jpg
TV411 VHS Tape
 photo TV411 1_zpsnx8usrrx.jpg
TV411 VHS Tape
TV411 VHS #14 photo TV411 7_zpssmjqzylr.jpg
TV411 VHS Tape
 photo TV411 15_zpsoke4pb3m.jpg
TV411 VHS Tape
TV411 VHS #16 photo TV411 13_zpskspb6tly.jpg
TV411 VHS Tape
TV411 VHS #17 photo TV411 5_zps67hbywha.jpg
TV411 VHS Tape
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